[b-hebrew] email problem

Yodan yodan at yodanco.com
Fri Sep 28 20:37:55 EDT 2012

I see the same problem Nir mentioned, but only in emails sent by Jim
Stinehart. The type is very large (which is fine) and the lines go on to the
left of the screen, requiring moving the cursor more and more to the left in
order to read these lines. Maybe Nir and I have the same problem? 


Bruryah Tashah (Yodan)



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Nir, it must be your configuration because I don't see anything like that
here on my end.


Hopefully, someone who knows more about the technicalities than I do can
help guide you through a fix!


Shabbat shalom,


Gary Hedrick

San Antonio, TX USA


On Sep 28, 2012, at 12:40 PM, Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. wrote:

to the moderators,

recently incoming b-messages are formatted on endlessly long 
lines which are difficult to read. 
1) do others have the same problem?
2) is this a problem with b-hebrew or with my config? 
3) how should i change my configuration to avoid the problem?

nir cohen
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