[b-hebrew] Why G-d became angry with Bil\am

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Yes, thank you Phil.  If I had noticed that in the past, I had surely forgotten 
it.  I agree that too is an issue.

David Kolinsky
Monterey, CA

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Hello List,
    In Numbers 22:20-22 Ba'laam was told by Elohim "IF the men come to call 
thee, rise up, and go with them:..."  Then it says ..."Ba'laam rose up in the 
morning, and saddled his ass, and went with the Princes..." It never say that 
the men came to call. Kind of like when moses was told to speak to the rock but 
he struck it instead. I believe this, not following exact instructions, is what 
angered YAHuah. 

Philip Hardy

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>First, I want to wish to all an easy fast and a most fulfilling and spiritual 
>Yom haKippureem to those celebrating.
>nir cohen wrote:
>"this chapter raises one more problem: god allows bilam to go (22:20) but
>disapproves when he does go (22:22).:
>Karl W. Randolph wrote:
"As for the second question, why God first refused, then allowed Balaam to go? I 
don’t know either, and any answer I’d propose at this time will be speculation. 
I’ve puzzled over this many a time."
The answer is that Bil\am saddled his donkey,  AeToN - figure out the etymology 
for that word and you will understand why G-d became angry with him.
>David Kolinsky
>Monterey, CA
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