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I tried to write a small book related to this issue. It is entitled,
Textual Criticism of the LXX 
and the MT: Psalm 8.5-7: Recovering the 'Urschrift' Text of the Hebrew Bible - 
Psalm 8.5-7 [Paperback].
Although I had some issues with the hebrew fonts, etc., I would value your feedback. 
Many thanks,
Philip Engmann

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As far as I am aware all the Hebrew texts have God.  But I can see how the translators of the Septuagint may have concluded Elohim was at times used for angels.  For example, Genesis 32:1-2.  In verse 1 angels of God met Jacob but in verse 2 Jacob calls the place God's camp. It also looks like Genesis 48:15-16 confuses the issue by making it look like God and angel are used interchangeably.
Michael Abernathy

On 9/13/2012 1:55 PM, K Randolph wrote:
>While there is a case saying that חסר “lack” is a loss of what was there before, Genesis 8:3, there are many more verses in the negative saying “you didn’t lack…” in situations where one was expected to lack. i.e. not have. So it looks like it goes both ways. 
>The MT has “made him lack little from God, you crown him with honor and grandeur.” which he to be expected since man is created, not creator. 
>  ותחסרהומעטמאלהים   וכבודוהדרתעטרהו 
>Are there any Hebrew texts that have “angels” instead of “God”? 
>Karl W. Randolph. 
>On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 12:33 PM, Michael Abernathy <mabernathy at conwaycorp.net> wrote:
>Sorry, I meant to ask about the meaning of חסר
>>It appears that most uses suggest that the object
                described is made to be less than it originally was. 
                This made me think the Psalmist might be describing an
                original, more exalted condition that was lost.
>>Michael Abernathy
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