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HI Kirk,

Thanks for trying to help.  But I just sent two plain-text test messages
from my other email, and they didn't show up either.  Maybe I should try to
contact the ibiblio manager and see if they can tell what might be wrong,
perhaps something the filtering doesn't like about mail coming from our



On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 8:01 AM, Kirk Lowery <Kirk at grovescenter.org> wrote:

> On 09/11/2012 11:28 AM, Jerry Shepherd wrote:
> > Hi Kirk and Co-Moderators
> >
> > I see you've been doing some testing.  Is there any chance you can also
> > look at the email acceptance problem as well.  I know Rolf and I have
> both
> > had problems, and there may be others as well.  For my main email
> program,
> > which is the one I use through my workplace.  I receive the emails from
> the
> > list fine, but I can't post to the list.  The email never shows up on the
> > list, and I don't get a non-delivery notice either.  So I end up having
> to
> > use another email program (Gmail), which isn't as versative or friendly,
> to
> > post to the list.  I don't know if this is a problem specific to this
> list
> > or if it is with ibiblio.  But anyway, it would be nice if I didn't have
> to
> > do that.
> Jerry,
> When b-hebrew first moved from the University of Virginia to ibiblio.org
> where we are today, we chose to force all posts to be plain text. At the
> time, html email was new and there were a lot of nasty exploits that
> were being embedded in html email messages.
> A couple of months ago something changed in the software system used by
> our list; all of a sudden some -- not all! -- incoming email messages
> were being silently discarded instead of being converted to plain text.
> I followed up with the kind help desk folks at ibiblio.org and tracked
> down what was happening. I'll pass over boring technical details, but in
> the end I was able to get the software to pass html email to the
> html->plain text converter. As you can see from the test emails, I was
> less than successful in solving the problem. I'm continuing to interact
> with ibiblio.org to see if we can nail down the problem. It's
> frustrating in that not all html email is handled incorrectly; as you
> noted, Gmail (which uses html extensively) comes through just nicely.
> The best solution is to set your email software to send plain text --
> not html -- to b-hebrew. For example, my software is Mozilla's
> Thunderbird and it lets me set a default encoding for most email, but it
> also let's me set encoding on an individual basis. So in my address
> book, my b-hebrew contact has the option "Plaintext only" set. Or you
> can continue to use your gmail account as you have been doing.
> The moderators are currently in discussion about the possibility of
> relaxing our prohibition of html email. The hard part is to evaluate
> what the level of risk is. What we might do is allow html email for a
> probationary period. If we do chose to change policy, we will inform the
> list.
> Expect a decision by the end of the week.
> --
> Blessings,
> Kirk
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