[b-hebrew] skies in plural? (Rolf's response 4)

TedBro at aol.com TedBro at aol.com
Mon Sep 10 23:36:45 EDT 2012

Hi, Rolf:
In response to the comment below, let's try this... The writer of Genesis  
attributes the existence of heaven and earth to the word and acts of God. 
But  the description of the created world includes only the visible creation, 
right?  There is no speculation about the abode of God, of the angels or of 
any material  phenomena that are beyond simple human perception. 
So to bring this down to the RQY(.... it seems to me that the many  
descriptions of the "firmament", "sky" etc, can best be understood as  
observational (it looks different at different times) rather than an attempt at  a 
comprehensive cosmology (necessitating that it changes from one substance to  
another substance at different times). 
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ishinan at comcast.net writes:

This  means that the creation account cannot be based on human observation, 
and  therefore we cannot explain any part of it as  such.

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