[b-hebrew] First Century CE Scrolls

Yigal Levin Yigal.Levin at biu.ac.il
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Hi Jerry,

The fact is, that we know next to nothing about the pre-destruction
synagogue. Almost all of our sources are later, after Judaism had
re-invented itself to cope with the loss of the Temple. But my gut feeling
is that while most of the synagogues in the land of Israel would have used
Hebrew scrolls, there may have been some, in some of the large cities such
as Caesarea or Sepphoris, in which Greek was used as well. 

Yigal Levin

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Hi George,

Your note here raises an additional question for me.  I had asked earlier
about whether synagogues in Judea (let's add Galilee to the mix) would have
had a complete collection of the biblical scrolls. Dewayne was more positive
and Yigal less so.  But then my additional question would be whether or not
the synagogues would have had any Greek scrolls.  I, myself, don't fnd it at
all probable that, if they did indeed have any Greek scrolls, they would
have been used in their worship services.  So, for my part, I am convinced
that the the scroll of Isaiah in Luke 4 was a Hebrew scroll.  But is it
either possible or likely that they would have had some Greek scrolls for
study purposes?


Jerry Shepherd
Taylor Seminary
Edmonton, Alberta
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