[b-hebrew] Sky (vault,dome)

Jerry Shepherd jshepherd53 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 17:48:48 EDT 2012

Hi Ishinan,

Sorry, I wasn't able to reply right away due to the startup of the new
semester.  But, in any case, no, my suggestion has nothing to do with some
radically new date for the material in Genesis.  Nor is it reliant on
whether or not the author of Genesis was aware of actual human-made dome
architecture.  For my part, nothing about dating is implied.  Indeed, to
argue for a 2d century BCE date would go against the grain of my argument
that the Genesis 1 narrative was framed against an ANE background, from
anywhere in the second millennium to the first half of the first millennium

Jerry Shepherd
Taylor Seminary
Edmonton, Alberta
Jerry Shepherd
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