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Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 29 12:12:12 EST 2012

   Hi Nir,

   You wrote:
  > most nouns in most ancient languages do not have a proven source within the dialect, nor can be established as loan words. <

   On what grounds did you make this statement?

   Further you stated:

  > in hebrew i will mention  $ULXAN (table), KOBA (hat), TEBA (arc), E$ (fire), NKD (grandson), NYN (great grandson), ZRT (pinky), BHN (toe), R($ (head), YD (hand),  )BN (stone)  
etc. only by cross-reference with other dialects can this be validated.<

   Here you lost me completely: some of your examples are common Semitic, e.g.  The words for head, and hand. Further, did you ever ask yourself why E$ (Fire), is feminine in Hebrew? Look it up in Akkadian where it is Ishatu - the f. marker 'T' is very much there.

   Nothing to add about the linguisticallly shaky ladder. Shaky only linguistically, we saw how well it served Jacob.

   Uri Hurwitz

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