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It appears you have just given a proof against your Hurrian hypothesis…

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> I see Genesis 28: 12 as being 100% Hebrew imagery, which happens to use a
> Hurrian loanword SLM, but is definitely not Hurrian imagery.  The
> Hurrians imagined a tunnel/*a-a-pi* to the netherworld.  By stark
> contrast, chapter 28 of Genesis gives us this glorious all-Hebrew image of
> a “gateway”/SLM up to the gate of heaven.

Form is insufficient to indicate loanwords, even in cognate languages. E.g.
“Boot” in English indicates footwear, but in German watercraft. You need to
show similarity in meaning, and here you have told about opposition in

Further, other posters have pointed out that this form has an unusual but
shared by other words derivation from its Hebrew root, making the
hypothesis of a Hurrian loanword unnecessary and irrelevant. It’s from a
Hebrew root indicating raising above, other derivatives include ramp,
trellis for holding up plants, raised highway, and this derivative
indicating a ladder or, as I have always pictured this, a stairway leading
upwards. And yes, Jacob had seen both stairways and ladders.

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