[b-hebrew] SLM: Jacob's "ladder"

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Wed Nov 28 09:58:33 EST 2012

Isaac Fried: 
You wrote:  “This is how I see it [Jacob’s ‘ladder’/SLM] in my dream: A  
pulley wheel גלגלת GALGELET is securely attached to the gate of  heaven.” 
Your dream of a pulley is either an Egyptian dream, where  pulleys may have 
been used to build the pyramids, or a Babylonian dream, where  pulleys may 
have been used in southern Mesopotamia to lift water.  Jacob had never been 
to such places, nor  had his father Isaac.  So it makes  no sense to think 
that Jacob would dream of an Egyptian or Babylonian pulley  system.  Pulleys 
were unknown in  Canaan.  GLGLT means “skull, head, poll” [II Kings 9: 35], 
and in Biblical times  did not mean “pulley wheel” to the Hebrews, as you 
I see Genesis 28: 12 as being 100% Hebrew imagery, which  happens to use a 
Hurrian loanword SLM, but is definitely not Hurrian  imagery.  The Hurrians 
imagined a  tunnel/a-a-pi to the  netherworld.  By stark contrast,  chapter 
28 of Genesis gives us this glorious all-Hebrew image of a “gateway”/SLM  
up to the gate of heaven. 
Jim Stinehart 
Evanston, Illinois 
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