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Wed Nov 28 01:22:23 EST 2012

Dear b-hebrew listers,

In the Grammar section of our friend's Karl W. Randolph dictionary (the
work he was so kind to let us know on this list), I read this concerning

1. "Usuallly derived from a verb"
Is this true?  There are in Hebrew many nouns not derived from a verb. For
instance, שמש, shemesh, sun; מלח, melax, salt; דור, dor, generation...
Fortunately, Karl himself writes also: "Not all nouns are derived from

2. Shegolate: wrong. It must be "segolate".
3. He writes that
-- Segolate are nouns that are spelled with the same consonants as a third
person singular Qal Qatal verb
--but during the Masoretic times pronounced with two short "e" sounds
following the first two consonants.

Can we accept this?

Noun ארח, orax, way (Gn 18:11) has two "e" sounds?

VERY IMPORTANT: My criticism is absolutely positive, looking only for the


Pere Porta
(Barcelona, Catalonia, Northeastern Spain)
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