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David Kolinsky hadeesh at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 27 01:51:57 EST 2012

With the greatest respect to Isaac, I disagree:

סולם is probably a pual form that means "the thing that is drawn upward" like a 
rope ladder would/could be
Like the many words below it is probably derived from:
סלה to draw up and away
סלא (drawn upward) ? hold up for comparison >>>>>> סלע (drawn upward) cliff
סלל  (draw upward) to make a heap, a highway; to extol
סלסל lift upward, hold in high esteem 
סלח  (draw upward and away, remove) to absolve
סלף  (piel)  (to draw off >) to throw off (track) 
סלד  (to be drawn upward emotionally) to thrive on,  to revel 

סלה ((to draw up and away)) is derived from
שלה (to hang suspended) to be relaxed (Jr12:1)  lazy, to be negligent 

from שלה we also get תלה to hang;  
from סלה we also get צלה (to suspend from) to roast (SmI2:15) (Is44:16,19) 

as with the other words derived from  סלה; there are words derived from those 
above by doubling the two letter root or by adding letters to the end of the two 
letter root. (the final ה is most often just a place marker and most often not a 
third letter in the root.)

צלם means "image" and it is derived from צל meaning "shadow" which "hangs off 
the side of the form."
שלום means "at peace" because the stative literally means  "suspended, 
interrupted" hence "finished, complete;" a suspension of hostilities is "at 
תלם means "ridge, farrow" because a "ridge" is drawn upward, in the same way 
that a תל is not just a hill but one drawn upward because there is something 
beneath it.

Thanks for the time taken to read this,
David Kolinsky
Monterey CA
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