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Dear Eric,


Welcome to the list. I hope that you have many fruitful exchanges with other
members on those subjects that are of interest to you. However, please
remember three things. The first is that the primary focus of this list is
the biblical Hebrew language. We understand that any language must be
studied in context, and allow limited amount of discussion of historical,
literary and theological matters, but only in as much as they pertain to the
text of the Hebrew Bible. The second is that the subject line of your posts
should match their content. The third thing to remember is to please sign
all posts with your full name, and if possible also some sort of


Thank you,


Yigal Levin,

Co-Moderator, B-Hebrew


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Hello b-Hebrew.


My name is Eric Hirsch. My main interests are the methodology and methods of
a brand of "Literary Criticism" adapted to the Hebrew Bible where textual
meanings are determined by authorial intention. Within the larger context of
the "historical-critical method," I am interested in Hebrew Bible textual
criticism, linguistic analysis, composition (source) criticism, rhetorical
criticism, redaction criticism and tradition history. I also have an
interest in ancient Israelite religion and in historical Jesus research. I
hold a doctorate from Vanderbilt University in Hebrew Language and


I look forward to learning from the list membership.


Best Regards,



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