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Isaac Fried wrote:  “Akhnaton}"Said to be the worshiper of Aten or Aton, which seems tome to be but  the Hebrew אדון ADON….”
But consider now the name that pharaoh Akhenaten used mostfrequently:  wa-n-ra.  wa means “one” and implies “the one and only”.  -n- is merely an all-purpose connector.  ra is the Egyptian god Ra.  
Now look at the name of the Egyptian priest from On [whereRa was honored] whose daughter Pharaoh gives as a bride to Joseph:  P W +  -Y-  PR(
Wa, meaning “one” and implying “the oneand only”, is the first element in Akhenaten’s name wa-n-ra.  The name of Joseph’s Egyptian priestlyfather-in-law starts with P W, which is pA wa. That literally means “the one and only”.  The phrase pA wa is short for the followingultra-monotheistic phrase that appears in Akhenaten’s Great Hymn to the Aten:  pA nTr wa, which means “The one and only God”.
Akhenaten’s name wa-n-ra ends with ra,meaning the Egyptian god Ra.  Thispriestly name ends with P R(, which everyone agrees is pA ra.  That means “The [one and only] Ra”.  The particular phrase “pA ra” is found in themost important nobleman’s rock tomb at Amarna (Aye’s tomb), in association withthe younger sister of Akhenaten’s Queen Nefertiti.  [After Year 9, Akhenaten used a long Ra-basedname for his deity, not Aten/pA itn.]
Do you see my point?  If Akhenaten is the Pharaoh of thePatriarchal narratives in Years 13-14, then one could not possibly imagine amore fitting name for Joseph’s Egyptian priestly father-in-law from On thanwhat is in the received text:  PW +  -Y-  P R( =  pAwa di -- pA ra, which means:  “The oneand only [God] gives -- The [one and only] Ra”. Akhenaten’s name wa-n-ra could be interpreted as implying a similarmeaning, and in any event betrays the same monotheistic mindset honoring the Egyptiangod Ra.
Such a monotheistic priestly namehonoring Akhenaten’s god Ra fits the Amarna Age absolutely perfectly [afterYear 9, including in Years 13-14], while not making good sense in any otherhistorical era.
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois

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