[b-hebrew] Ssade Can Be Emphatic Sin

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In early Biblical Hebrew, ssade/C canbe emphatic sin.
Consider in this regard the Hebrew verb“to laugh” and the name “Isaac”.  InGenesis, they’re both spelled with ssade/C: CXQ and YCXQ.  [The west Semiticmeaning of “Isaac” is “He Laughs”, but since his mother’s birth name is notSemitic, his own name will have as its more profound meaning its non-Semiticmeaning:  “He Sits Next to God”.]
But in late books in the Bible, “helaughs” and “Isaac” are spelled not with a ssade/C, but rather with a sin/%:  %XQ and Y%XQ.
Here are some Biblical cites.  “[He] laughed”, spelled YCXQ with a ssade/C,is at Genesis 17: 17.  The name “Isaac”is likewise spelled YCXQ with a ssade/C two verses later at Genesis 17:19.  By contrast, “[man is] laughed” isspelled %XWQ with a sin/% [not a ssade/C] at Job 12: 4, and “Isaac” is spelledY%XQ with a sin/% [not a ssade/C] at Amos 7: 9. 
That indicates that in early BiblicalHebrew, ssade could be an emphatic sin, having a sound quite similar to sin.
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Ilinois
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