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When a sentence in Biblical Hebrew starts with “And” prefixed to a noun, that usually indicates a new paragraph and is usually translated “but” in Psalms. In addition to v4 (v3 English), the same structure is in v7 “But I am a worm” & v20 “But You be not far from me”


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Ok, I begin to understand ! Thank you, Lee and Karl ! My initial problem with this verse was that I couldn’t find a real oposition in the thoughts of David.

Peter M. Streitenberger


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I concur with Karl.  The conjunction at the beginning of verse 4 does not represent a continuation of the previous train of thought, but a contrast.  The previous verses discuss God's apparent failure to respond to the psalmist, which stands in stark contrast to God's past dealings with אֲבֹתֵינוּ.

Lee Moses

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The Hebrew numbering is verse four.

I think that many translators read verse four as starting a new idea,
contrasted with what was written earlier in the psalm. Hence the ?but?.

Karl W. Randolph.

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>   Dear Hebrew-Friends,
> in most of our German translations Psa 22,3 begins with ?but?: ?But You
> are holy?
> What is the case for it ? I don?t see any contrast or two opposite
> thoughts in this section.
> Can anyone help me ?
> Yours
> Peter M. Streitenberger, Germany


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