[b-hebrew] Psa 22,1

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Tue Nov 13 17:12:52 EST 2012

Hi Peter,

I was looking at this passage just a couple of days ago.  The LXX does
something very similar.  They translate it as "from my transgressions."
One suggestion by the text-critics is that the LXX may have misread the
root as shagag or shaga' rather than sha'ag (I don't know your familiarity
with Hebrew, so I'm using a simplified transliteration scheme).  So perhaps
both the LXX and the Syriac either misread the Hebrew (a possible
metathesis), or, conjecturally, one might suggest they had a different
Hebrew text in front of them.  In any case, this other root has to do with
transgressions, going astray, and perhaps, in some cases, unintentionally.
So one could see an overlap between folly and unintentionally going astray.


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