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Allow me to correct  / clarify my own feeling about the word BZH.  It is not 
that I disagree that the word means "to despise" it is rather that I believe 
that it evolved to that meaning from an original meaning of "to spurn."  It also 
evolved into a meaning of "to plunder," because of the shade of meaning found in 
it that means "to set aside."  There are many related roots but unfortunately I 
do not have time to elaborate right now.  The most salient though would be B.Z.? 
(with an Aleph) meaning to divide (Is18:2). 

David Kolinsky
Monterey, CA

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david, ishinan

BZH is also used in hebrew as "loot, spoils (n)" which seems to agree 
with david's arabic "to set aside (v)". 
nir cohen

>> David Kolinsky wrote: A better translation for BaZaH than "despise" would
be "to spurn" which is more consistent with the Arabic meaning "to set aside".


>> Ishinan: Actually, in this instance, the former would mean: holding up
one's head with an assumption of superiority over someone, behaving haughtily
towards someone, subduing & oppressing someone. (from Semitic trilateral root:

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