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I was just reading this, and wondering if it's on the mark? 

Love and hate are two words truly misunderstood and extremely overused. 
Love is used for everything from fried chicken to YHVH himself. The word hate is equally spread out from broccoli to Osama bin Laden. 
Scripturally, this word is from the Hebrew sane'
(saw nay). It is most notably seen in the several occasions of YHVH's feeling toward Ya'akov and Esav. "Ya'akov I have loved, but Esav I hated." Romans 9:13 (also Mal'akhi 1:2-3). Do you think that YHVH hated Esav in the same way that I hate celery or horseradish? I think not. This word 
means to 'distance oneself' or to 'not prefer'. The context of its 
scriptural meaning becomes more obvious when seen from its Hebrew 
meaning. When Yahshua says that a true disciple is one who 'hates' his 
father and mother (Luke 14:26), he simply means one who prefers the 
Messiah over his parents. YHVH preferred Ya'akov over Esav because Esav 
despised his birthright. In Mizmor 81:15, we read of 'haters of YHVH'. 
It is simply those who do not prefer YHVH to the rest of what life has 
to offer and they distance themselves from Him. There are many other 
Hebrew words that would correspond better to our modern understanding of hate: bazah (despise), ma'as (to loathe), to'evah (abominable). So ask yourself, "Do I really hate my little brother?" Shalom Alecheim!


Does this capture the meaning of Sane'?

Mike Burke

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  Is there any difference between Sane' (usually translated hate) and Bazah 
(usually translated despise)?
either word stronger than the other?

Sane is used as an idiom in Aramaic “to set aside.”  
It explains the difficult reading of Luke 14:26 Aramaic to Greek 
Jack Kilmon
Houston, TX

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