[b-hebrew] 3ms vs 1cp pronominal suffixes on yiqtol

Charles Grebe animatedhebrew at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 12:10:33 EST 2012

I have a question about the pronominal suffix "ennu" (segol/nun with dagesh
forte/shuruk) as found on yiqtol forms. My understanding is that this is an
ambiguous form. It could be either 3rd masc singular (him/it) or first
common plural (us). I'm wondering if this is really the case and how do we
know that.

My question is prompted by Psalm 12:8, forth word - "tizterenu". The
BHS/Leningrad text has segol/double nun/shuruk. I've also checked
facsimiles of the following manuscripts.

Aleppo is the same as Leningrad with the segol and doubled nun.

Codex Bodmer 21 looks like it has the segol but it's pretty hard to read
and I can't distinguish the nun.

ms. Heb 790 'Damascus Keter' clearly shows the segol and the doubled nun.

ms. Heb 1401 also clearly shows the segol and doubled nun.

The textual critical apparatus in the BHS indicates that a few Hebrew
medieval manuscripts have a tsere and a single nun, though I don't know how
to determine which manuscripts these are. My understanding is that this
form is UN ambiguously 1cp (us).

Are there any instances in the tanach where the suffix with the segol and
the doubled nun needs to be understood as first common plural?

Charles Grebe
Maniwaki, Québec
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