[b-hebrew] takliyth

Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. nir at ccet.ufrn.br
Sun Nov 4 16:34:56 EST 2012


i agree with isaac fried that TAKLIYTH is derived from
(or co-derived with) KL/KLH=end, terminate. 

[you may ignore his very non-orthodox explanation for the prefix T, 
which he states as if it were an established fact (it is not)].

strong, too, derives TAKLIT H8503 from the root KLH H3615 amd 
mentions its other occurrences:

                  Neh 3:21, Job 11:7, 26:10, 28:3.

these five citations show a variety of meanings, and strong defines their
common sense: "completion; by implication, extremity: -end, perfect, perfection."

>>> De: Mike Burke <michaelgburk at yahoo.com>
>> But where does the idea of perfection come in?

i would consider the english expressions "to exhaustion/exhaustively/to the
limit". a particular emotion reaches perfection only if it is taken to its
very extreme, i.e. to exhaustion=end=taklit.  also in job 28:3 any mistery of
nature assumes its meaning only when studied to exhaustion. both are in
perfect agreement with strong's definition.

IN CONTRAST, in Neh 3:21 taklit is simply the technical word for 
"end of/termination of".

nir cohen

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