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the glosses given by HALOT are "completeness, outermost part, end"
with reference to Psalm 139:22 it has: "completeness of hatred, extreme 
form of hatred," citing NRSV "perfect hatred"
The Vulgate [Psam 138:22] reads "Perfecto" which seems to me a valid 
translation however we may make of Augustine's comments.

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On 11/3/2012 3:09 PM, Pere Porta wrote:
> Welcome, Mike!  Where are you posting from?
> Well, I don't know what Augustine says. Now, I think the Vulgate has 
> several mistakes...
> As regards our word "takliyth" (as you're writing it) (*), this is an 
> uncommon noun pattern built up on several root types, mainly  
> -methinks-  lamed-heh and ayin-yod.
> In modern Hebrew we find Tagliyt, /discovering/ (not in the Bible), 
> from verb galah (1S 4:21), /uncover/, and tashtiyt, /base, foundation/ 
> (not in the Bible), from verb (la)shyt, /put, set/ (Jb 30:1).
> Maybe this helps.
> (*) Are you aware of the transcription guidelines of Hebrew letters we 
> use in this forum?
> If not, ask the moderators, please.
> Again, welcome!
> Pere Porta
> (Barcelona, Catalonia, Northeastern Spain)
> 2012/11/3 Mike Burke <michaelgburk at yahoo.com 
> <mailto:michaelgburk at yahoo.com>>
>     Hi all.
>     My name is Mike Burke, and I'm interested in Biblical Hebrew.
>     What I'm interested in at the moment is the range of meaning of
>     the word "Takliyth" (used in Psalm 139:22.)
>     In commenting on the verse, Augustineseems to have followed the
>     Latin Vulgate, and says a "perfect" hatred would be to hate the
>     vices ofthe men--neither excusing the vices because of the men, or
>     hating the men because of the vices.
>     It makes for a very interesting interpretation, but is
>     "perfection" part of the meaning of the Hebrew word used in the text?
>     The NIV has "I have nothing but hatred for them."
>     Was Augustine entirely off the mark here?
>     Did the Latin Vulgate get it wrong?
>     Please reply.
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