[b-hebrew] Haggai 2,8 + Ezra 3,10

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Thu Mar 29 15:04:29 EDT 2012

Dear Karl,

the problem I have is to see the difference between JaSaD in Ezra and
Haggai, as Ezra 3,10 reports the initial beginning of the temple building
and Haggai 2,8 uses the same verb, but speaks of another event (520 b.c.),
so both passages must treated differently, besides you take JaSaD as
marking the beginning of the work progress and not laying a foundation as

Peter M. Streitenberger, Germany

> Peter:
> Can you explain more why this is a difficulty?
> The book of Ezra has its first six chapters recounting what went on before
> Ezra entered the scene. Ezra is first introduced in 7:1. So what is the
> difficulty?
> Karl W. Randolph.
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 11:33 AM, <ps2866 at bingo-ev.de> wrote:
>> Dear Friends of B-Heb,
>> by comparing Haggai and Ezra I found a problem that I can't solve on my
>> own:
>> In Haggai 2,18 it states: "from the day that the foundation of the
>> temple was laid" (NKJ)
>> In Ezra 3,10 we read: "When the builders laid the foundation of the
>> temple
>> of the LORD" (NKJ)
>> In both instances the writer uses the verb JaSaD. What is the difference
>> between both occurences, as a foundation can't be laid twice, I guess,
>> and
>> there are some years between both passages.
>> Is it better to understand the verb as "beginning to build" rather than
>> laying the foundation?
>> Thank you again for all help !
>> Yours
>> Peter M. Streitenberger, Germany

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