[b-hebrew] Haggai 2,8 + Ezra 3,10

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Can you explain more why this is a difficulty?

The book of Ezra has its first six chapters recounting what went on before
Ezra entered the scene. Ezra is first introduced in 7:1. So what is the

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Dear Friends of B-Heb,
> by comparing Haggai and Ezra I found a problem that I can't solve on my
> own:
> In Haggai 2,18 it states: "from the day that the foundation of the LORD'S
> temple was laid" (NKJ)
> In Ezra 3,10 we read: "When the builders laid the foundation of the temple
> of the LORD" (NKJ)
> In both instances the writer uses the verb JaSaD. What is the difference
> between both occurences, as a foundation can't be laid twice, I guess, and
> there are some years between both passages.
> Is it better to understand the verb as "beginning to build" rather than
> laying the foundation?
> Thank you again for all help !
> Yours
> Peter M. Streitenberger, Germany

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