[b-hebrew] Ecc 9:12

Yigal Levin Yigal.Levin at biu.ac.il
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Hi Pere,

Considering the fact that the verse goes on to compare man's fate to that of
fish in a net and birds in a trap, and then repeats that a man can never
know when bad things will happen suddenly, I would say that the first part
obviously refers to man's not knowing when something bad will happen. But
you are correct in that the verse does not specifically mention death. It
could refer to a sudden crash in the stock market...:-) 

Yigal Levin

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Dear b-hebrew listers,

Ecc 9:12 -- Literally the Hebrew says: "Moreover, man does not know his
I remark that the first seven words in Ecc 9:12 are often understood  -as
shown in several translations-  as "the humans do not know when they will

Do you feel this is a misunderstanding of the text?
What does the Hebrew text really mean?

Pere Porta
(Barcelona, Catalonia, Northeastern Spain)
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