[b-hebrew] Portrait of Joseph in Chapter 40 of Genesis

George Athas George.Athas at moore.edu.au
Sun Mar 25 23:15:25 EDT 2012

Jim Stinehart wrote:

> What could a Baker do to cause Pharaoh to have him impaled, with
> his corpse to be pecked at by birds?  You write:  “No mystery.  No
> enigma.”  But shouldn’t we expect the Biblical text to give us a clue
> as to what the Baker’s horrible crime was?

Nope. Why should it? The biblical text says what it says, and that's just how it is. Such gaps are common in storytelling. Your expectations may be different, but I fear they have led you to look for things that simply aren't in the text.

Maybe the Baker's crime was that his mother taught him to handle his gun?

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