[b-hebrew] Haggai 1,8

ps2866 at bingo-ev.de ps2866 at bingo-ev.de
Tue Mar 20 15:55:10 EDT 2012

Dear Friends of B-Heb,

I'm reading through the prophet Haggai and came around Chapter 1,8. The
writer first used "ALU" (Qal Imperativ) in the sentence followed by "Bo"
as Waw Consec. (Hiphil) - same Person as the Imperativ.
My question regarding the translation: is it possible to see "Bo" not with
imperatival force as many translations do, but as consecutive: "Go up to
the mountain in order to bring wood".
I tend to treat the Waw Consec. not necessesary as imperatival, as the
writer easily could have used a imperative form there.
Thank you for any help ! I've found nothing helpful in commentaries.
Peter Streitenberger, Germany

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