[b-hebrew] 'there is one God but God'

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The Islamic phrase is actually, "There is no God but Allah" (la ilaha illa allah).

Comparable, but not exact, phrases include:

Deut 6.4; 32.39; Isa 44.6; 45.5.

Paul also seems to have a loose quote of Deut 6.4 in 1 Cor 8.4.

None of these are Trinitarian, though the Christian doctrine of the Trinity properly understood is a monotheistic belief. But since Trinitarian theology is beyond the scope of the forum, I won't go into it.

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Is there any OT Scripture passage which reads or suggests the
expression 'there is one God but God'?

(often heard in Islam. Is this also in the Trinitarian statement?)

Thank you,

Oun Kwon,

I'm not asking about theological matter; only looking for the
scripture on which this expression may be based on.

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