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as a side issue to your remark, i recall having read a paper 
dedicated to MISHKAN and OHEL, (unfortunately i do 
not have its coordinates) which promoted the thesis (based on
comparative data) that MISHKAN originally signified a camping site,
necessarily of a temporary nature, and as opposed to any physical construction
(as of OHEL).

we may speculate, more specifically, that MISHKAN referred to the CENTER OF
AUTHORITY of the camping site, so that when referring to the MISHKAN of korah,
as political center, the text automatically included the entire circle of his
followers, rather than OHEL, i.e. his immediate family or tribal section (as
used e.g. in arabic).

nir cohen

PS: rereading the chapter, i was intreagued about the role and fate 
of a fourth opposition leader ON, mentioned without sequel in 16:1.

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