[b-hebrew] Function of the Preposition Le in Jer 30,12 unclear

Ed Rosner erosner at comsouth.net
Mon Jun 25 21:49:35 EDT 2012

It is likely just a simple possession indicator with no directional intent.
The preposition L was a common possession indicator as can be seen on jar
handles and other items like that. See Muraoka par. 130b. He cites the
examples: I Sam 16:18, Gen 14:18,36:12 and many others.

Ed Rosner
Perry, GA USA

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Dear Friends,

I'm just reading Jeremiah and came to Chap. 30,12. I don't understand the
function of the Preposition "Le" in "LeSHiBhReKH" (your bruise).
Can anyone help me ?
Peter, Germany

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