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Hi Karl,


Thanks for that. None of the places you listed actually has mishkan in its absolute form. In almost all of them it's used figuratively, almost all are poetic, quite a few are paralleled with "ohel", tent. 


Just musing.


Yigal Levin


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The word is used well over 100 times in Tanakh, so there must be some times where it is used for human habitations, such as:


Numbers 24:5

Isaiah 32:18

Jeremiah 30:18

Jeremiah 51:30

Habakkuk 1:6

Psalm 87:2

Job 18:21

Job 21:28

Job 39:6

Song of Songs 1:8


(these just from a quick electronic search)


I would be surprised if there are not more, several more.


Karl W. Randolph.

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Hello all,

The noun mishkan literally means "dwelling", from the verbal root $KN.
However in almost all cases, the noun is used specifically in connection
with God's dwelling, be it the desert tabernacle/tent of meeting, the
Jerusalem temple, or even God's heavenly abode. However in Num. 16:24 and
27, it is used to mean the dwellings of Korah, Dathan and Abiram, which are
referred to as "tents" everywhere else (for example in verse 26).

So the question is, does anyone know of any other place in the Bible in
which the noun mishkan is used to refer to a human dwelling?


Yigal Levin

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