[b-hebrew] Hebrew Meanings of Biblical Names

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In responding to David's post, it is clear that you are excluding anything contrary to your viewpoint as being admissible. This is methodologically flawed (you are assuming your conclusion) and in no way conducive to conversation about Hebrew. I'm allowing you one more post on this topic, and then that's it from you. Others who wish to address the issue in a methodologically responsible way are free to do so until the end of Monday. After that, no more posts on this topic.

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Subject: Re: [b-hebrew] Hebrew Meanings of Biblical Names

David Kolinsky:

1.  You wrote:  “Did it ever occur to you that YaRae'aCh = Moon also means ‘wanderer’?"

I don’t see the relevance of that.  TRX has nothing to do with the moon/YRX.

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