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Sun Jun 17 00:07:14 EDT 2012

Isaac Fried:

You wrote:  “The words אורח ORAX, 'road, path' (Gen. 49:17), 'habit, manner', (Gen.18:11);  אורחה ORXAH, 'company, caravan' (Gen. 37:25); ארוחה  ARUXAH, 'dinner, meal, feast' (Proverbs 15:17),  are all from the root ARX, which is a variant, methinks, of the root ARK, 'long, extended'.  I rather think that ירח YAREAX is a variant if ZAREAX, 'shining'.”

Thank you for pointing out that (i) at Genesis 49: 17, )RX means “road, path”;  and that (ii) at Genesis 37: 25, )RXT means “caravan of”.  That confirms that the Hebrew author of the Patriarchal narratives was well aware of the Hebrew verb )RX, meaning “to go, journey, wander, take a long caravan trip”.  TRX makes a long “journey” or “caravan trip” that has momentous consequences in the Patriarchal narratives.  So it makes sense that his name, TRX, in Hebrew is a shortened form of T)RX, and in Hebrew means “you journey” or “you take a long caravan trip”.

You seem to agree with me that TRX has no relationship to YRX/moon.  Neither Terah, nor any of his descendants in Naharim, ever says word one about the “moon”.  The conventional view that TRX is a variant of YRX/moon is erroneous, in my humble opinion.

I am trying to show that each native west Semitic speaking person in the Patriarchal narratives, such as Terah and his three sons, has a name that has a sensible meaning in Hebrew.  The moon plays no role in the Patriarchal narratives, and the name TRX has nothing to do with YRX/moon.  Rather, TRX makes a momentous “journey” or “long caravan trip” that is integral to the plotline of the Patriarchal narratives.  The name TRX in Hebrew is a shortened form of T)RX, which in Hebrew means “you journey” or “you take a long caravan trip”.

Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois

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