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Stephen Shead sshead.email at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 18:45:24 EDT 2012

Hi Barry,

Just in case it isn't clear, there are two issues: having a font with the
necessary characters, and being able to input them in Word. Most fonts
don't quite have everything necessary for academic Hebrew transliteration.
One very nice Unicode option which I think should do the trick would be
SIL's Gentium Plus (
http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?item_id=Gentium ) - though it
only comes in normal and italics, not bold. (And I agree with Daniel -
nowadays, I would only consider using Unicode fonts.)

In terms of inputting the right characters, you can do things like type
hexadecimal codes, or install a special keyboard. A different keyboard will
simply map the keys you type to a different range of Unicode characters
(assuming your current font has them). However, if you're not going to be
typing a lot of transliterated Hebrew, perhaps the simplest option in Word
is just to insert characters using the built-in character map (in Word
2007, it's Insert -> Symbol -> More Symbols).

Hope that helps.

Stephen Shead
Centro de Estudios Pastorales
Santiago, Chile

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> Greetings, all, for once I have an actual question instead of my typical
> snide and/or humorous comment.  With regards to transliteration, I want to
> get mine to look like it does in the journals, standard scholarly stuff.
> Using MS Word 2010 or the latest OpenOffice, how would one do this?  Is
> there a special character set than can be downloaded?  Or does one just get
> it as close as possible and let the editors do the rest?
> Thanks in advance,
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