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Daniel Lundsgaard Skovenborg waldeinburg at yahoo.com
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Hi Barry,

There's two approaches to this:

1. Use a keyboard layout for the purpose. They keyboard will insert the proper Unicode character, like ʾ. (But that was probably what you meant with "a special character set".)
Now, I'm not currently aware of 
keyboard for classical translitteration, but you can get keyboards for 
IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet):
I think these keyboards will only lack ʾ and ʿ, but I believe you can insert these by holding Alt and 
typing 02BE or 02BF. Anyway, I think we should adopt IPA (ʔ
and ʕ), but that's just my opinion.

As fonts like Times New Roman are not always fully implemented, you may also want to download an IPA font:
Your documents will not be broken without, but some diacritics may be placed slightly wrong.

2. (which have to be mentioned, 
but don't use it:) Legacy fonts: You type in standard latin letters 
using your standard keyboard layout and apply a font that e.g. renders 
the letter A as ʾ.
You can for example get the SPAtlantis font here: http://www.sbl-site.org/educational/biblicalfonts_splegacyfonts.aspx
BUT: Because of Unicode, legacy 
fonts are an obsolete approach (sorry, Bibleworks, but it is). It's a hack, and your documents will be 
broken on computers that don't have the font.
We should raise our children to 
believe that, like playing with fire, using legacy fonts will make you 
pee in the bed (… just kidding).

Daniel Lundsgaard Skovenborg

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>G reetings, all, for once I have an actual question instead of my typical 
> snide and/or humorous comment.  With regards to transliteration, I want to 
> get mine to look like it does in the journals, standard scholarly stuff. 
> Using MS Word 2010 or the latest OpenOffice, how would one do this?  Is 
> there a special character set than can be downloaded?  Or does one just get 
> it as close as possible and let the editors do the rest?
> Thanks in advance,
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