[b-hebrew] The root XRM

Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Tue Jul 17 21:25:09 EDT 2012

It is a member of the family of roots

גרם, חרם, כרם, קרם

all meaning 'pile up, accumulate, aggregate, particulate'.

 From GRM we have the act GARAM, 'crush, break up' as in Nu. 24:8,  
and GEREM, 'structure, skeleton', as in 2Ki 9:13 and Job 40:18.

 From XRM we have the act XARAM, 'ruin, wreck, turn into rubble, tear  
down, destroy, heap debris' as in Is. 11:15. Also XEREM, 'plunder,  
accumulation, separation, confiscation, consecration' as in Jos. 6:18  
Also 'net' as in Hab. 1:15.
The XARUM of Lev. 21:18 is possibly 'humped'. Some say it is 'dug out'.

 From KRM we have KEREM, 'aggregation of trees, covering growth,  
plantation, vineyard, hillock?' as in Jud. 15:5.

 From QRM we have the act QARAM, 'cover over', as in Ez. 37:6. Today  
we use QRUM for 'crust'.

Isaac Fried, Boston University 

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