[b-hebrew] Hiram Hirom Huram

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Other than in Isaac's reconstructions - no. The usual assumption is that
Mount Hermon was called that because it was considered sacred by the local
Canaanites (or whoever). 

As far as Hiram, it is usually considered to be a shortened form of Ahiram,
a fairly common Phoenician and Hebrew name, literally meaning "my brother is
exalted", where "brother" is an epithet for the deity, similar to
"Ab(i)ram", "Ah(i)ab" and so on. So the name Hiram is actually not derived
from XRM.

Yigal Levin

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Shalom and thanks for the response. I know the root HRM (XRM) has several
meanings, e.g. devote, dedicate, ban, confiscate, and others, but I was
unaware that it is also "tall, massive, mighty". Aside from the name Hermon,
are there other examples of the use of words or names of the root HRM with
this meaning?





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