[b-hebrew] Hiram Hirom Huram

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Shalom and thanks for the response. I know the root HRM (XRM) has several
meanings, e.g. devote, dedicate, ban, confiscate, and others, but I was
unaware that it is also “tall, massive, mighty”. Aside from the name Hermon,
are there other examples of the use of words or names of the root HRM with
this meaning?






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If XIRAM is a word, and I am usually against seeing a proper name as a word,

of the root XRM, 'tall and massive, mighty', as in mount XERMON, then the
variants of 

this name provide an interesting example to the alternate uses of the
personal pronoun 

IY, as in היא HIY; U, as in הוא; and O, as in שלו $EL-O, 'his'. 

The purpose of the inserted personal pronouns is to add the declaration "he
is", to XRM.


Isaac Fried, Boston University 



On Jul 16, 2012, at 6:26 PM, Yodan wrote:

the names HIRAM, HIROM, and HURAM


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