[b-hebrew] Subject in Jer 31,2 ?

Stephen Shead sshead.email at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 13:56:58 EDT 2012

Dear Peter,

I find your analysis convincing. I looked at a number of translations in
English and Spanish, and the majority agree with you. The Andersen-Forbes
Phrase Marker Analysis also agrees with you: it has Israel as the subject
of the predicating infinitive HLWK.

Best regards,

Stephen Shead
Centro de Estudios Pastorales,
Santiago, Chile

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> Dear Karl,
> thank you for your response.
> - there is no object marker "et" in front of "Israel"(conf. Jerm 50,35),
> so that it is not necessarily the Object of "RG)" (to bring Israel to
> rest). To regard Isreal as Subject is possible.
> - The Word HaLoKH (walking) is infinite. It's possible to see this verb as
> indicating circumstantial information on the people having found grace
> mentioned already.
> - HalaKH is better refered to the people of Israel, while they were
> wandering in the desert.
> - At the first glance I found no other reference that JHWH and HLK are
> combined.
> I'd suggest therefore: "when Isreal wandered in order to come to its rest".
> Thank you for further help !
> Yours
> Peter Streitenberger, Germany

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