[b-hebrew] historical question with linguistic import

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Hi Karl,

I just skimmed through the translation of Thutmose's annals that appear in Halo's Context of Scripture (vol. II, Brill, 2000) and interestingly enough found no reference there to any number of shields at all. Gold, silver, lapis-lazuri, chariots, coats of mail, bows, prisoners, hands, heads, cows, goats, sheep and so on, but no shields. 

Sorry to disappoint. 

Yigal Levin

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Dear All:

I recently heard that prominent among the booty that Thutmosis III brought back from the Levant was 300 golden shields. Is that true?

The linguistic reason I ask this, I don’t want to say at the moment, but it is connected with Waltke & O’Connor, my own research and deals with ancient Hebrew pronunciation.

Yours, Karl W. Randolph.
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