[b-hebrew] suffixes

Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 23:23:59 EST 2012

   Good Point. Whether the root here is XWH ,
 and the Binyan is ISTF(L as attested Ugaritic,
 and still existing in  Arabic, or $XH, it is simply
a variation of verbal endings in the 3rd pl.
 perfect in the case of L"H  roots.

    Uri Hurwitz


2. the word you chose is one of the most difficult and irregular. i can
provide several contradicting conjectures to its origin.  however, it is clear
that the transformation H$TXWH --> WY$TXW is the so-called "short 
form" obtained by removing the final H, just as $TH --> WY$T or 

conclusion: the -U is not a suffix here. it appears to be
a root letter of an irregular root.

nir cohen

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