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Mr Stinehart:
   You wrote:' Abimelek wrote 8 Amarna Letters in the mid-14th century BCE, about Year 14, that likewise refer to contested access to water wells."  I interject here only because, as usual, there is a lack of historical accuracy on your part that the audience should be made aware. Mr K.A. Kitchen, in his book "Suppiluluima and the Amarna Letters" comes to the carefully laid out conclusion that the Abimilek of Tyre in the Amarna Letters abandoned the island "no later than Year 14 of Akhenaten"    Your theory, of course, depends on Abimilek being in power on Tyre for years after this date as you believe Abraham rescues Lot from the Hittites in Year 14.   However, Mr Kitchen points out that the Great Syrian War, long over by the time Abimilek leaves Tyre,as most likely having occurred in Year 12 of Akhenaten, as do a number of other genuine experts in the field such as William Moran.  As I recall, you were unaware Abimilek abandoned Tyre due to the water situation and never returned. We must add your lack of knowledge regarding the fate of Abimilek to your numerous other errors regarding the facts of the Amarna age and those endless claims that Hebron is a mountainous wasteland that couldn't have supported Abraham's cattle...but obviously can support hundreds of thousands of people as it does today.   Mr. kitchen's conclusions makes your extensive speculation about this Abimilek interacting with Abraham more than a little preposterous.    As for the Philistines, the Jewish records must be considered.They show Abraham dealt with a group called the Avvim, who were then later destroyed by the Caphtorim.(Deut 2:23) Both groups were considered to be "invaders" or "philistines" to the Hebrews just as any number of peoples were"barbarians" to the ancient Greeks.   Rob Acosta  

Rob Acosta


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