[b-hebrew] Biblical Names Ending in -YH (Jim)

Jonathan Mohler jonathan.mohler at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 14:22:04 EST 2012


Pharaoh's daughter is named בתיה, the daughter of Yah.  Albeit, this is not recorded in Exodus, but in 1Chronicles.  Obviously, the Hebrews gave her that name. This is an indication that, on the one hand, she was accepted into the fold of Israel, and on the other hand, that she had made Yah her God.  This is most likely the case with אוריה, )uri-YH the Hittite.  He has made Yah his god,  having married Bath-Sheva, and has sworn allegiance to David.  Both of these names suggest conversion to Yahweh and assimilation into the Hebrew nation.

Jonathan E. Mohler

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