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Noam Eitan:
You wrote:  “Johannes Cornelis de Moor wrote about thisextensively in "The Rise of Yahwism: The Roots of IsraeliteMonotheism". It was discussed on this list in 2004.”
But did anyone ever attemptan explanation of the name of King David’s scribe?  In books of the Bible after II Samuel, $RYHis usually a Hebrew name, being $R-YH. But the father of King David’s scribe didn’t believe in YHWH, and wouldnot have given his son a west Semitic name that honors YHWH.  Unless you’re reading this thread in 2012,you’re never going to see the name of King David’s scribe explained as being $R-Y   [-H], being a Semiticized non-Hebrewname that has nothing whatsoever to do with YHWH.  Just like the name “Uriah”, though endingwith -YH, has nothing whatsoever to do with YHWH.  Sarah’s birth name is $R -Y, being theattested woman’s non-Semitic name $aru-ya, and the basic name of King David’sscribe is likewise $R -Y, but as a man’s name, it’s the attested man’snon-Semitic name $ar-ri -ya, which has then been Semiticized by adding a final -Hat the end.  You see, King Davidinherited that scribe when he took Jerusalem from Araunah the Jebusite, withboth “Araunah” and “Jebusite” being non-Semitic names, and with “Araunah”, like“Uriah” and “Seraiah”, having a Semiticizing final -H.
Not everyone in Canaan wasborn a Hebrew with a good Hebrew name. Not.
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois  

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