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1. You wrote:  “But [in my priorpost] I also mentioned CRWYH David’s uncle, mentioned in 1 Samuel and 1Chronicles. Even by your reckoning, 1 Samuel comes before 2 Samuel.”
But Karl, I Chronicles 2: 16, which youexpressly cited in your prior post, says that Zeruiah was King David’s sister,not his uncle.
CRY is a kind of balsam, and -H is astandard west Semitic feminine ending for a woman’s name.
I don’t know of anyone who claims thatCRWYH is a west Semitic name of a man that honors YHWH.  Given what I Chronicles 2: 16 expresslystates, why would you think this is a man? And if -YH in this name honors YHWH, then what is CRW and how does ithonor YHWH?
2. You wrote:  “[Chronicles] recordsevents that occurred before King David, [and] it falsifies your thesis.”
No, my thesis is that from Genesisthrough I Samuel, there is not a single man’s name of an individual characterin the Bible that is a west Semitic name ending in -YH that honors YHWH.
I further assert that the names “Uriah”and “Seraiah” in II Samuel are non-Hebrew names with a Semiticizing -H ending.  That is no surprise, because Joshua 15: 63expressly tells us that Jebusites remained in Jerusalem to this very day, andAraunah, whose name also ends in -H, is expressly stated at II Samuel 24: 16 tobe a Jebusite.
Thus in the books of the Bible fromGenesis through II Samuel, the first person who gives a son of his a westSemitic name ending in -YH that honors YHWH is King David.  Yes!
3. Karl, you have not been able to cite a single name occurring fromGenesis through I Samuel that is the name of an individual male character inthe Bible that is a west Semitic name ending in -YH that honors YHWH.
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois 

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