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>  But scholars see the name of King David’s scribe at Jerusalem, $RYH at
> II Samuel 8: 17, as being a west Semitic name ending with -YH that honors
> YHWH.  Yet scholars generally agree that the name )WRYH [misleadingly
> transliterated by KJV as “Uriah”] at II Samuel 11: 3 is not a west Semitic
> name ending in -YH that honors YHWH.  $RYH and )WRYH lived at the same
> place in the same time.  Shouldn’t their names be conceptualized as
> follows?  $R -Y   [-H];  )W-R  -Y   [-H].  You don’t think the fathers of
> $RYH and )WRYH had honored YHWH, do you?

And why not? Throughout Tanakh there were people not descended from Jacob
who followed YHWH, therefore had no reason not to name their children in
honor of YHWH.

> …  King David inherited that scribe when he took Jerusalem;

Where do you get that? Document it.

>  King David never had a scribe before he got to Jerusalem, as far as we
> can tell from the Biblical testimony;

And why would he not have? Documentation indicates that Hebrews had been
writing five centuries before David, if not much longer.

> …  But King David’s scribe, by sharp contrast, was not a Hebrew at birth

Document that.

> …  In my opinion, …

Your opinion means nothing on this board. You’ve been wrong so often before
that you’ll have to document your claims, not just spout your opinions.

My opinion also means nothing, which is why I document my claims.

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Karl W. Randolph.
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