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>  Biblical Names Ending in -YH
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>  Prior to II Samuel, not a single individual character in the Bible has a
> name that ends with -YH.  By stark contrast, beginning with I Kings there
> are dozens and dozens of Hebrew and Jewish west Semitic names ending in -YH
> that honor YHWH.  What happened in II Samuel to cause that sea change?

First of all, names ending in -YH and -YHW are alternate spellings for the
same name. So you have to include MYKYHW Judges 17:1, 4 and CRWYH 1 Samuel
26:6. Two place names are also recorded, MRYH Genesis 22:2 and BZYWTYH
Joshua 15:28, the former recognizing YHWH.

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>  In my opinion, the Bible accords King David the great honor of being the
> first person to give one or more of his sons west Semitic names ending in
> -YH that honor YHWH.  II Samuel 3: 4.

Nope, see above. Further in 2 Samuel we find one of King Saul’s concubines
was the daughter of )YH 3:7, )WRYH one of David’s contemporaries (many
times in 2 Samuel), BNYHW son of YHWYD( another of David’s contemporaries
(mentioned a few times) as well as %RYH the scribe 8:17.

Go to 1 Chronicles, the first ten chapters are deadly to read—all they are
are genealogies. So we find before David )YH 1:40, (ZRYH 2:8, CRWYH 2:16.

> …  We see dozens of names in I and II Kings that are west Semitic names
> ending in -YH that honor YHWH, and there are dozens more such names in
> later books of the Bible.

Dozens? Mostly the same people mentioned many times.

>  ** **
>  But sad to say, the majority view of university scholars denies that
> feel-good analysis entirely.  Most university scholars say that the
> un-named father of King David’s obscure scribe $RYH [II Samuel 8: 17] gets
> the great Biblical honor of being the first person to give his son a west
> Semitic name ending in -YH that honors YHWH.  Can that be right?

No, see above.

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>  Who’s right about this:  university scholars or me?


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>  Jim Stinehart
>  Evanston, Illinois
> Karl W. Randolph.
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