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Biblical Names Ending in -YH
Prior to II Samuel, not a single individual character in theBible has a name that ends with -YH.  Bystark contrast, beginning with I Kings there are dozens and dozens of Hebrewand Jewish west Semitic names ending in -YH that honor YHWH.  What happened in II Samuel to cause that seachange? 
In my opinion, the Bible accords King David the great honorof being the first person to give one or more of his sons west Semitic namesending in -YH that honor YHWH.  II Samuel3: 4.  A third son, Solomon, is later givena west Semitic nickname ending in -YH by the priest Nathan, and such name isexpressly stated to be in honor of YHWH. II Samuel 12: 25.  Ingenerations  a-f-t-e-r  King David, west Semitic names ending in -YHthat honor YHWH became very popular, as Hebrews and Jews, not surprisingly,began to copy King David’s way regarding names for their sons.  We see dozens of names in I and II Kings thatare west Semitic names ending in -YH that honor YHWH, and there are dozens moresuch names in later books of the Bible.
But sad to say, the majority view of university scholarsdenies that feel-good analysis entirely. Most university scholars say that the un-named father of King David’sobscure scribe $RYH [II Samuel 8: 17] gets the great Biblical honor of being thefirst person to give his son a west Semitic name ending in -YH that honorsYHWH.  Can that be right?
Who’s right about this: university scholars or me?
Jim Stinehart
Evanston, Illinois
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