[b-hebrew] וְכִפֶּר in MT (CV) Dt 32:43 Emphatic?

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>  Karl,
> … I don't see what contextual clues you do that make כפר a noun. Can you
> explain what tells you this is not a verb?
> Sincerely,
> Michael Abernathy
> This verse is made up of four sections, which are really two couplets
comprising of two sections each. So looking at the second couplet, its
first section reads WNQM Y$YB LCRYW “ונקם ישׁיב לצריו ” where the idea
conveyed is that of fighting for or against someone or something, Then the
second half of the couplet I expect to see a continuation or contrast of
that idea, and it is there.

The second half of the couplet, “וכפר אדמתו עמו” where the first word KPR
as a noun has the meaning in my dictionary “ covering ⇒ bribe Nu 35:31–32
(hush money) Ex 21:30, 1S 12:3, Pr 6:35, purchase price Is 43:3, Pr
13:8, (⇐to cover the cost)”.
Here the reason for the vengeance on his enemies is that the purchase price
for his land is with him. The last word (MW is also wrongly pointed, it
should be pointed for the meaning “with him”, not “his people”.

So in this couplet, I see a contrast between his treatment of his enemies
and his land, and that’s what the verse gives.

Karl W. Randolph.
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