[b-hebrew] [amarna] Old West Semitic Words

Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Sun Dec 16 23:10:32 EST 2012

What Moses "wrote" (certainly not much could be fitted on the two  
tablets that he brought down from mount Sinai (Ex. 24:12), nor on the  
stones erected on mount Eibal (Deut.  27:8), nor on the door and gate  
posts (Deut. 11:20)), and what kind of language he spoke is unknown.  
We deal here only with what we have before us now.

We also firmly resist any attempt to drag us into "Akkadian",  
"Ugaritic", or "Hurrian".

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Dec 16, 2012, at 9:04 PM, Nir cohen - Prof. Mat. wrote:

> thus, it is very difficult for me to accept a conjecture that the  
> law of moses was written in any language
> but hebrew, albeit presented without the shred of real evidence.

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